Hi! I'm Vivek.

I'm an undergrad at UC Berkeley majoring in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. Currently, I do research under BAIR in the Berkeley NLP Group with Nicholas Tomlin and Dan Klein.

Outside of research, I'm interested in the intersection between education and technology. I run a YouTube channel, vcubingx, where I use animated visualizations programmed using manim to explain topics such as complex analysis, measure theory, fractional calculus, and more.

Previously, I worked with Alfredo Canziani and Yann LeCun to develop ways to visualize feed-forward neural networks as transformations of space. I created explanatory videos using those visualizations, which you can find here. I've also interned with 3blue1brown to adapt his videos into an interactive blog format.

When I'm not doing research or YouTube, I love playing badminton and solving Rubik's Cubes.

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